For Sale: Model of HMS Bounty

For Sale:

Model of HMS Bounty 1783
– Scale 1:48 – Price R 3 500:00 onco

HMS Bounty was a small merchant vessel purchased by the Royal Navy for a botanical mission. The ship was sent to the Pacific ocean to collect ‘Breadfruit’ plants and transport them to British possessions in the West Indies. The mission was never completed, as disagreement between Lieutenant William Bligh in Command of the ship and his Sailing Master, Fletcher Christian, led to a revolt by half of the crew and their seizure of the Bounty on 28th April 1789, this act subsequently known as the ‘Mutiny on the Bounty’ resulted in Bligh being cast adrift in a launch with 18 loyal seamen with whom he sailed 4 000 nautical miles to Timor in the East Indies and then by ship back to England.

Contact: Bruce Joubert, Hogsback. Cell: 08 22 00 33 16

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Available to rent

Available to rent

The Gatehouse, Hyde Park Private Estate (with excellent security), Hogsback is available to rent from the 1st of October 2017.

The accommodation would suit either one family or 2 or 3 business / professional individuals as all 3 bedrooms have en-suite bathrooms.

For all enquiries kindly contact me as the homeowner on 082-499-3525 (rental price on application).

Special thanks and warm regards,

Callie Lane.

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Cape Parrot Big Bird Day 2017 report

Cape Parrot Big Bird Day 2017 report


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Wings Academy – Applications for 2018

Wings Academy – Applications for 2018 now OPEN

Good day Tony,
Please be so kind to upload our advertisement to the Hogsback WordPress.

Thank you so much!
Kind regards,

Hannetjie Nel

Wings Aviation Academy
Cell: 072 097 1907

Applications for 2018 now open!

Academic School
CAPS Curriculum
Individual Attention

Wings Academy
Academic School
Fort Beaufort
Since Jan 2017

Wings Academy is an academic school in Fort Beaufort.

We follow the CAPS curriculum like most other schools in South Africa but our day-to-day
schooling and classes also include our core values of discipline, respect & honesty.

We pride ourselves on the fact that we do not only help your child to achieve their best
possible academic mark but also teach them the basic life skills required for the day they
complete Grade 12.

Wings has a fully equipped workshop and basic technical skills are taught every Friday which will teach your child the forgotten art of working with they hands. This includes basic
woodworking, wiring and steel work.

Total capacity of the school is only 50 learners. The advantage of this is that your child will
receive more individual attention than anywhere else. We also offer extra classes and after
hours study time to our learners at no extra cost.

Soccer, netball fitness and chess are some of the extra mural activities we offer.

Applications for 2018 is now open
Applications will be done on a first-come, first-serve basis due to the limited capacity of
this unique school.

Contact Us:

Wings Academy
2 Caroline Street, Fort Beaufort

Contact Numbers:
072 097 1907
082 371 9485


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