Hiking Safety in Hogsback

Hiking Safety in Hogsback

  • Thank you so much for all those individuals and the SAPS who offered and assisted to find the lost hikers over the weekend. This is indeed a fantastic community! :o)
  • Thanks Jeanette for calling for help before sunset as darkness added it’s own set of challenges.
  • Below please find a document to place in your guest cottages. In summary – Have a cell phone with you, tell someone where you are going, which direction e.g. Big tree –> Madonna) and what time to expect you back.


  • If you are at any identifiable marker (Madonna and Child sign, property name, forestry tree no)   PLEASE STAY THERE and give us that info.
  • Please keep your phone ON
  • If you are not at an identifiable marker and have whats app send your location to 084 840 0617 the same way you send a message. Click on the attachment icon (paper clip or + sign) click location and we will receive it.

Hiking – Cycling – Running Safety


Have a plan, map of the hike
knowledge of fitness, hike as fast as the slowest member
knowledge of alleges, ages, children, sugar diabetes, asthma, etc.
an idea of the distance vs the time of day e.g. don’t leave at 16:00 for a 5 hours hike.
Inform people about what route you are taking and
when you should be back.
Keep visible contact with all people in your group
regular stops and let the last person rest (don’t start hiking the minute the last person gets to the rest point)
torch, batteries, sun cream, hat,
waterproof jacket, whistle, basic first aid,
compass, fully charged cell phone
dress in layers no cotton,
knife, duct tape, safety pins, walking stick
Eat well (pack snacks) and have water (2+ litres per person)
Stay on the trail,
keep progress on the map of where you are.
Ask for help earlier if you think you are in trouble or lost –
Familiar with area and abilities,
if you do not see a marker for a while walk back to the last marker.
concentrate on the trial and markers and not only the beauty and views.
Expect weather changes.


  • Don’t hike to high areas (e.g. the Hogs) if you can’t see the Hog due to cloud cover when you depart. Mist is incredibly disorientating.
  • If possible, don’t go alone.
  • Please ensure that your guests have the establishments phone number on their cell phone in case of emergencies.

Establishment ________________________
Reception phone no ________________________

Mountain rescue 084 840 0617
Tonya Serfontein-Burton
Centre Manager
Hobbiton-on-Hogsback Association
045 – 962 1193

Hobbiton-on-Hogsback Association is a registered Non Profit Organisation (107-254-NPO) with tax deductible status under section 18(A) of the income tax act (PBO no 930044696).

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Firewise Communities Comes To Hogsback

Press release Hogsback.

Firewise Communities Comes To Hogsback

Press release Hogsback final .docx

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2018 annual Cape Parrot Big Birding Day Report- 21st one

2018 annual Cape Parrot Big Birding Day Report- 21st one

Apologies for the delay in finalising the report. Many thanks to all those that assisted- it is much appreciated! CPBBD report 82018

Best wishes

Prof Colleen T. Downs

SARChI Research Chair in Ecosystem health and biodiversity in KZN and the E. Cape.
School of Life Sciences,
University of KwaZulu-Natal,
P/Bag X01,
Scottsville, Pietermaritzburg,
South Africa,
Tel: +27-33-2605127/04 (w)
08 29 20 20 26
Fax: +27-33-2605105
email: downs@ukzn.ac.za
Skype: colleen.t.downs

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IDP Rep Forum Invite

IDP Rep Forum Invite

Good day,

Please find the attached Raymond Mhlaba IDP Representative Forum IDP invite, for further enquiries please contact the IDP/ PMS office on 046 645 7452/ 7462 or 078 551 6554.


Khanya Didiza

Rep Forum Invite

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