Cape Parrot Big Birding Day 2020

Cape Parrot Big Birding Day 2020
– 9 and 10 May 2020

Dear All

I hope you are all keeping well in these unprecedented times.

Preshnee Singh had prepared the attached newsletter in March but I delayed sending it with the current COVID-19 crisis globally.

After much deliberation we decided the following:
Despite the ongoing COVID-19 lockdown and likely further extension, we would still have the Cape Parrot Big Birding Day 2020 on the 9 and 10 May 2020. However, only those people who are able to observe from where they are or are able to access localities without breaking any regulations will participate. Consequently, we will not get a population total estimate for 2020 but we still get important data on Cape Parrot presence or absence, behaviour etc.

Best wishes in these unprecedented times


Prof Colleen T. Downs

NRF SARChI Research Chair in Ecosystem health and biodiversity in KZN and the E. Cape,
Centre for Functional Biodiversity,
School of Life Sciences,
University of KwaZulu-Natal,
P/Bag X01,
Scottsville, Pietermaritzburg,
South Africa,  3209.
Tel: +27-33-2605127/04 (w)
+27-33-3860947 (h)
+27-8 29 20 20 26 (mobile)
Skype: colleen.t.downs

ORCID icon Orcid id:
2020 03a Parrot Newsletter March 2020 reduced size
2020 CPBBD instructions

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HMP Coronavirus Newletter, Protocols And Procedures

Hogsback Medical Practice Coronavirus Newletter, Protocols And Procedures


Updated Coronavirus Protocol Hogsback

HMP Operating Procedures During Lock Down Period

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Operating Procedures of Medical Practice during Lock down

Operating Procedures of Medical Practice during Lock down

Good Morning

Will you please post this document on the HBT regarding the operating procedures of the medical practice during the lock-down period.

HMP Operating Procedures During Lock Down Period

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Hogsback Covid-19 Support Group

Hi Tony

Hogsback Covid-19 Support Group
We have started a WhatsApp group, the Hogsback Covid-19 Support Group to help with food deliveries to members of the Hogsback community who are at high risk of infection (ie the elderly, people with chronic illnesses and immunological conditions). You can join the group via the following link or contact any of the 3 admins listed below to add you
I have attached the Operating Principles – Hogsback Covid-19 Support for the Hogsback Covid-19 Support Group for people to download and read through. The idea is that everyone wanting to make use of this service must qualify as ‘high risk’ and must set up an account with the Spar and credit their account via EFT, this is to streamline the payment system and avoid using cash. To set up your account you can call the Spar and speak to Ernst and give your name, email and contact number. Once the account is set up you can contact Joanne Campbell, Bevan Jones or Calvin Jones with your list of supplies to order.
Anyone who doesnt have WhatsApp are welcome to contact Joanne Campbell via sms or email for assistance.
Spar (landline) – 045 962 1176
Ernst (Spar Manager) – 082 608 6805 or email
Joanne Campbell (Shopping Assistant) – 0761586722 or email
Bevan Jones (Group Admin & Shopping Assistant) – 0820415875
Calvin Jones (Shopping Assistant) – 082 895 8424
Raven Thomas (Group Admin) – 076 375 3955
Cameron Cordell (Group Admin) – 060 475 2281
Be safe people, stay at home, wash your hands and dont touch your face.
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