The Hogsback History Tapestry

The Hogsback History Tapestry

A few years ago members of Hogsback got together with the idea of producing a unique Hogsback History Tapestry which would be inclusive and show our heritage. Trevor Webster wrote a history in 10 stages and artists illustrated each. Then 8 people volunteered to make tapestries of 8 different stages. The completed tapestry hung in the VIC from 2014.

Now that the Municipality has ended our use of the VIC we should make an alternate plan for the display of the tapestry. I write to ask the Hogsback community for ideas of what should be done with the tapestry. We need a volunteer to display the tapestry in a public place like an hotel (the present visitors centre does not have the space).

The tapestry consists of 8 joined cloth embroidered panels, each 77cm high and 104cm long, totalling 8 1/2metres long.

Another thought is that, in addition, photos be taken of each and they be placed in glassed boxes in a safe central public place, perhaps off the main street, for visitors and residents to be able to see easily.
Please reply to Trevor Webster, , with ideas.

The 8 panels are:
1 The Beginning of the World by Fiona Almeleh;
2 Nature: mountains and rivers by Deanne Love;
3 Nature: plants and animals by Madelaine Barry;
4 Early hunter-gatherers, Khoisan by Suneya Harvey;
5 The Coming of the amaXhosa by Margaret Fourie and Lynn Wostenholme;
6 The Coming of the Missionaries by Lynn Johnston;
7 The Establishment of Hogsback by Carol Nieth;
8 Hogsback a Growing Town by Deanne Love.

An example of the first of the panels:

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Hogsback Library

Hogsback Library

The Hogsback Library, in Redcoat Lane, has been run for many years by community minded volunteers. It is open to all residents and is FREE.

We have a good selection of books, some from the Provincial Library Services and some from donations from Book Clubs and locals. We have children’s books which are being used by many of our youngest residents who visit with their moms and plenty for older children as well.

Books may be kept for two weeks and we charge R1 per week for each overdue book

The Library is open every :

  • WEDNESDAY afternoon from 2 – 3pm and
  • SATURDAY  morning from 9.30 – 10.30 am.

There is a notice on the door giving details of who is on duty with phone numbers if there is a hitch!

For those who have never been to the Library, please come and have a look and browse in what must be one of the tiniest and best stocked libraries in the country.

Ann Webster (Library Coordinator)
0459621147 or 0762287749

[updated 2017-11-9  -tm/hbt]

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ProIT Solutions

ProIT Solutions

ProIT Solutions
Hardware, Software, Networking, CCTV, Repairs and Upgrades
Robert Kirsten
cell: 076 521 5964

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Community Meeting Minutes

Community Meeting Minutes

Dear Hogsback Community,

Attached, please see minutes of the meeting held on Sunday at the Inn. (Tony, please can you upload the file to the main HBT web page and provide a link – much appreciated.) 171105 Hogsback Community Meeting Minutes

I will endeavour to make these available in print and then leave copies at the HIC, Bold Point (Siya Madondile) and Esikolweni (Samson).

Best regards,

Bevan Jones

t: +27 45 962 1063
c: +27 82 041 5875
Thrive Centre | 7 Waterfall Drive | Hogsback
Eastern Cape | 5721 | South Africa

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