Hogsback Adventures is open again

Hogsback Adventures

Please note that Hogsback Adventures is open again. I’m trying to keep
as many of the activities running as possible so abseiling, archery,
combo tours (unguided) and mountain bike rental is still available.
Please let your guests know that they can call me on my mobile (074 721
4885) if the office is closed and they need to book or make an enquiry.

074 721 4885

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Warming up to Sing For My Supper


Dear neighbours and friends in Hogsback,

Those of you who supported the recent Love Poems and Songs performances at Back o’ the Moon and Starways – your participation was encouraging and deeply strengthening. It is because of your support that I’m daring now to put out this notice.

I’ve in fact been doing far more than writing poems and creating Norman’s and my little book. (Copies are still available should you wish!)

Time has come to share with you some of what else has been happening at High Riding. In case you’re curious. Not much housework, alas. However.

I run a monthly literary newsletter, making available some of the newest poetic voices in the land. Do allow yourself a little browse. It is available online on the following link http://perspective-publications.com/give-your-writing-the-edge/

The ‘Plop a Penny’ option has been set up to help keep the venture going, as neither the site hostess, Leigh Barrett, nor I currently enjoy an income. (Nor is there a widow’s pension, so I truly am obliged to sing for my supper, with my Norman’s spirit and the higher powers in attendance.)

Furthermore, most of you know me as a poet, or the poet’s wife; but if you are curious to taste some of my prose fiction, please have a look at the Story Kiosk, which went live yesterday. The link is http://www.perspective-publications.com/story-kiosk/

Here too is an option to ‘Show your thanks’ by plopping three and a half pennies, in a manner of speaking.

The penny-dropping into Leigh’s and my hat is not obligatory. It is an option if you feel moved to do so.

This venture is an experiment and I’d be grateful if you shared this information with anybody you feel might be interested and keen to visit the links. I’d also hugely appreciate feedback.

Incidentally, ‘Goldilocks and the Seven Bears’ (available on the above link) is an extremely fast, funny read and should give your day a lift, should that be needed. It would be good to see some traffic on the site.

Have a beautiful day on the mountain’s musical-misty drippiness.


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Poems, Duets and Trios in praise of love Repeat performance

Due to disappointment among folk who missed our Valentine’s Day performance, we are offering a repeat this coming Sunday.


There are several Hogsbackians who have expressed regret over missing the Wednesday 14th Feb Valentine’s performance, ‘Poems, Duets and Trios in praise of love’.

Pearce has left the mountain for now, but Gwyneth, Des, Norma and Silke are giving a repeat performance in a soirée on

Sunday 25th February 2018, at Gwyneth’s house at Starways, 3pm.
Entrance R50
Books – ‘The Only Altar’ R50
CDs for sale
Tea and coffee provided.
Bring your own wine and snacks.

This is a special favour to those who missed Wednesday’s show, so we ask you to commit.

Please RSVP to make your booking 0829285770/ 0824147743/ 0741323101

‘… follow your footsteps’
Writer Mentoring and Walking Wordshops
Tel: +27 (0)45 962 1034
Cell: +27 (0)74 132 3101
Email: silkeheiss@gmail.com
Safrea profile: https://www.safrea.co.za/profile/2740-Silke_Heiss
LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/beautifulwritingartdesign
Writer: Give Your Writing The Edge @highriding
Publisher: Give Your Writing The Edge Newsletter https://www.facebook.com/highriding
http://perspective-publications.com/give-your-writing-the- edge/
Ecca poet: http://eccapoets.blogspot.co.za/

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Spring Festival Celebration & Garden Tours dates

Spring Festival Celebration & Garden Tours Dates

Our Hogsback Spring Festival Celebration will take place from October 12th –
October 14th. this year.    One week before the Bedford Festival.

You may have noticed that as Heritage Weekend is a long weekend, no
accommodation can be found for Spring Festival visitors unless booked
long in advance. Having the festival closer to the Bedford Festival also
allows Tour Operators to combine their tours especially if they travel
from Gauteng, Free State or the Western Cape.

Our Garden Tours will start on the Heritage weekend September 21st., and
end on October 14th.

The HGC has started to plan all their special activities already and as
soon as we have our program ready, we will publish it on the various
websites and of course on the HBT.

Prepare yourself for lots of fun and entertainment

Happy Gardening

Monika Hof <monsgarden@mweb.co.za>
Hogsback Garden Club


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