Opera Magic 22 July @Starways

EASTCAPE OPERA to visit Hogsback this month!!!

Stunning new voices and rousing ensembles with solos and duets from operettas and light opera.
Exciting low bass from Magic Flute, unbelievable top Cs in The Doll’s Song, rousing dance song from the Devil in Faust, schmaltzy waltzes from Old Vienna and many more favourites.

A chance for Hogsbackians to attend to their own entertainment before the tourists descend!

Book by SMS: 0829285770 R100 pp Tea and Coffee

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Winter Celebration Village letter 1

Hi All,

We are getting quite excited about the upcoming #Winter #letitsnow #hogsbackcelebrations happening in just over a month’s time (27th to the 29th of July), all over our little Village! The town is already fully booked out with more guests desperately wanting to come and join us! As we have done last year, we will again be holding the celebration festivities at private venues across the village (see draft programme). There will be something for everybody to do. Our theme for this year is an optimistic “Let it snow!” and in the absence of snow…. We will require everybody to BE THE SNOW.


The draft programme has been circulated and is attached.
It is also available on the Hogsback.com website (just follow the snowman) or here www.hogsback.org.za . Thank you to everybody who has submitted activities and workshops. We are hoping to finalize the draft programme for printing by Tuesday, so please let us know if you come up with another fabulous snow items!! We will be going green blue and will be trying to be as eco friendly as possible in not printing the programme #saveatree, so we are asking the TPO’s to email the programme (once it has been finalised) to their guests or refer them to the website (www.hogsback.com )

Can everybody check their submissions for correct times, dates, costs, venues…. enough snow. You will notice that Maggie has volunteered quite a few villagers to do some activities which they might not be aware of, so if it has your name on…. You are good to go, no excuses!! She has also added some snow in a few places.

Scavenger hunt

Our main fundraising activity for the snow celebrations will be a village wide Scavenger Snow hunt. Thank you to those who have already submitted some items for the hunt! The idea behind the hunt is to:

  • Share some historical and relevant information about Hogsback, its people, eco-system and animals.
  • In the absence of snow….get as many people as possible to be actively involved in …hunting for snow…. Having fun fun fun!!
  • Get everybody to go everywhere, seeing that the celebrations are spread out over the whole village.
  • Raise some much needed funds as we have a very tiny, tiny budget.

It will be done using an app and there will be a manual one that can be used by the techno phobes as well. More information about that later…..

Social media

We will need a short write-up (1-2 paragraphs) from everybody who will be doing a workshop/ activity / demonstration / presentation to use on social media as part of our #winter #hogsbackcelebrations in #hogsbacksa snow campaign. When you share our posts, remember to add the hashtags to be part of the snow stream!! Maggie will be running a hands on workshop on the 17th of July for TPOs, hobbyists/crafters and anybody who wants to learn how to use social media for marketing and make the most of the celebration fun. In the meantime, SHARE SHARE SHARE the snow fun! BE THE SNOW!!!


As far as we know all accommodation establishments are already fully booked, so if you still have a place for a mouse or 2, please let Gloria/Lydene at the info centre know so that we can let everybody on the cancellation waiting list know.


All the local crafters already have found their home at the various venues, so we are encouraging non local crafters to come up for the day. We can do with a lot more crafters!! More information available on the website (www.hogsback.org.za/crafters.html )

How you can become involved

We are a very small committee and we realise that one snowball does not make a snow celebration!! We are therefore asking for everybody to become involved. BE THE SNOW!!! We will send out requests for help with specific things over the next few weeks and know that our little village will be there!!!!

  • We are asking that everybody contributes 1 or 2 toilet paper rolls and 1 roll of rubbish bags for use over the celebration weekend. It can be dropped off at the info centre and we will collect it from there. We are hoping for a snow storm. Share our facebook/ twitter/ instagram #winter #hogsbackcelebrations #hogsbacksa posts in any way possible.
  • Some wonderful volunteers have offered to make huge snowmen out of donated wood pallets and 2 photo booths, and we are asking for donations of white paint, green paint, or red paint and white spray paint. All can be dropped of and will be fetched from the Info Centre. We also need a few planks for frames and legs for the photo booth. We plan to have two booths so would need
    • Planks for frame of boards
    • Planks for legs to make it stand
    • 4 x Hinges (+-10cm x 5cm)
    • Hardboard (1.6m x 1.2m) more or less
  • Prizes for the scavenger hunt. We need lots more accommodation weekends… dinners…. And we are looking for some dealbreaker prizes… like a car, computers, cellphones…… Come on people… everybody must know at least one rich person who would like to do a good deed!!! BE THE SNOW!!!!!!! All sponsors of prizes will be recognised and featured as part of our social media campaign.


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a special Hogsback Earth Service

Come to a special Hogsback Earth Service

Sunday 10th at 10am at the St Patrick’s, the Chapel on the Hill
Celebrating and reflecting on the past World Environment Day on 5th June

This special Earth service will address three common perceptions held in western earth-related thinking which lead to us to engage in actions that are devastating to the earth, creatures and ultimately ourselves.

1. It is all about people (Anthoprocentrism)
2. We are separate from the earth
3. The earth is a machine – we are the only ones with a soul

We will have a time of praise in celebration of creation as well as scripture readings.

Come to be challenged to think more deeply about the goodness of God and our world.
Sunday 10th at 10am at the St Patrick’s, the Chapel on the Hill

with love and blessings,
Liz Thomas and Helen Fox

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Massage Deals, Yoga classes

Massage Deals for locals, Yoga classes

Monthly massage package is R450, this includes 4 X 1hour sessions OR 6 X 30-40 minute sessions per month.
(For guests and non locals it R300 per hour or R200 per 30 minute session.)

Yoga classes are R250 per month and you can join in as many classes as you like. For now we have a class every Tuesday at 3pm and every Friday at 9 am. Your first 3 classes are free.

Please whatsapp me on 061 409 9578 or call and sms on 076 721 7956.

Thank you community, for your support, I am extremely happy to be of service, doing what I love in a place I cherish.

Also, just a reminder about Livia’s Business Massage Package. Where a business buys a 3 month validated, 4 massages package.
This is great for apologies to guests about electricity or water inconveniences or motivating them to book a 4 night instead of 2. Etc etc. Let us know if you are interested and we can send more details.   Livia’s number is 064 867 7379.

Lots of love

Please whatsapp me on 061 409 9578 or call and sms on 076 721 7956.

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