Hogsback Community Police Forum

Please be aware of your surroundings.
Should you see anything or anyone suspicious report it immediately.
Try not raise any false alarms.

170113 Don de Swart resignation cpfresig-don
160919 Click to download the Minutes of the Hogsback development task team 2016-09-14 .pdf file

160610 12:12  Click to download the emergency-contacts.docx file not yet updated by CPF
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Hi all
Just to keep everyone updated with the latest contact details for people who can help in case of emergencies. Please print this and stick it to the fridge. Also check that the numbers saved to your phone matches the ones listed here.
Hogsback Police Station
045 962 1030 or 045 962 1080  or 082 583 2961
Hogsback Community Policing Forum

  • Wayne Kent 083 333 1902 resigned
  • Don de Swardt 079 621 8677 resigned
  • Mike Mullins 082 493 6929 resigned
  • Callie Lane Interim Chair (2017/01/13) not yet appointed

Hobbiton Mountain Rescue Team (for lost hikers and First Aid related emergencies)

  • Tonya Serfontein-Burton 084 840 0617
  • Nel Serfontein-Burton 076 353 2284
  • Alicia Williams 072 816 8689

Amathole Forestry Company and Greater Stutterheim Fire Protection Association (Fire Related Emergencies)

  • Chris Everton (AFC) 073 288 5970
  • Lukhanyo Mabongo (AFC) 078 848 9652
  • Craig Els (GSFPA) 084 774 2542

Other Important numbers

  • Nationwide Emergency Response 10111
  • Nationwide Ambulance Response 10177
  • Emergency Response 112 (can be called from any cell phone)

Hogsback CPF (hogsbackcpf@gmail.com)


Below needs updating as at 160610 12:12
and may be incorrect unless marked with a

Community messages for Safety & Security

  • Either phone the SAPS police station 045 962 1030 / 1080
  • Or if you are on the whatsapp group post it there [?].
  • Or contact Phone, Email or SMS:  Tony 073 689 5742 who will  put it on Hogwatch  and forward your sms to our (CPF) whatsapp group [?].

If you are not on the (CPF) whatsapp group and would like to be on it, simply send an sms to 083 333 1902 with your name and surname.

I would like to just reiterate, the whatsapp group is for emergencies only and we request all members to respect this.  (Lost and found pets may be posted on this group for a speedy return to their owners)

— Wayne Kent

CPF AGM 2014

Firstly I would like to thank all those that attended the meeting,
without your support we would not have a CPF like we do.

This is who represents you as the HCPF
Chairman – Wayne
Deputy Chair – Craig
Secretary – Spoog
Treasure – Primrose
CLO – Nobona
Additional Members
Duncan Currie

I will continue to use the HBT and any other forum to keep you up to date with what the HCPF is doing. After each meeting a ‘readers digest’ version of the minutes will be  published and our general meetings will be ON TIME and TO THE POINT.

You have chosen us, now allow us the opportunity to serve you.

— Wayne  2014/08/15

 Contact HBCPF committee:

  • Primrose Mafika 073 264 3099 or 083 443 4974
  • Monika Hof 082 836 7414
  • Nadia Schenk 076 458 7341

Contact the Police:

Anyone who wishes to talk about information, suggestions or comments concerning community and or sector policing in Hogsback may phone :
Sergeant FA Barends 082 302 6571  for an interview.
A very approachable, willing and concerned policeman.

Anyone who wishes to obtain information about the progress of your own case please contact : Detective Warrant Officer Monde 082 441 8580

For any concerns about policing in general or if you feel that your case has gone astray please contact  Station Commissioner Capt Maxambele ( Capt Max ) is available on 082 302 7752

1 Response to CPF

  1. Tony says:

    When is the next CPF meeting?

    Japie says its usually the Second Thursday of the Month 6.30pm at the Arminel

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