Public Notices

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Prov Fire prohibition notice 2019-20

Verification of Accounts for Rates and Refuse Payments to Raymond Mhlaba Municipality 180702

invitation idp budget180314 invitation idp budget180314

Supplementary Voters Roll5 Feb 2017  Nkonkobe_SV5_23February2017

Proposed Hogsback Sewerage Scheme

Invitation Standardization of Geographical Names Nkonkobe

HVA Constitution – English

Spacial Development Framework Workshop  Invitation  20150525 SDF Invite

Nkonkobe Tariffs 2014-2015

2 Responses to Public Notices

  1. Carmen says:

    There is a young bull at the Arboretum with a badly damaged front leg. Not sure who can help, but im not much help to him.
    Thank you.

  2. Hi Carmen, Karen Welsh and Chris Everton at ‘forestry’ have been informed. thanks for your concern.

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