Look after your self and your neighbour and collectively we look after each other

To Join Eblockwatch/Hogwatch:

go to http://www.eblockwatch.co.za and click on Register.

When you have Registered you will receive an Eblockwatch sms regarding your safety, security and community awareness information. Please save your password for future reference.

To send a message:

Contact Tony Moody with your message to be relayed to the community, immediately via sms and same day by the [hbt] email info system.   045 962 1131 or 073 689 5742   hbt@hbtimes.co.za

Neighbourhood Watch

Eblockwatch approve of and support Neighbourhood Watch type community organisations. This concept is also supported by the SAP sector policing.

Below is a proposal from Eblockwatch/Hogwatch for Neighbourhood Watch sectors for discussion and approval by our community.

  • Click the .jpg image below to open and view.
  • Or Download a printable proposal in .pdf format. Hogwatch Sector Map
Proposed Hogwatch Community Watch Sectors

Proposed Hogwatch Community Watch Sectors


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