Spring Festival Hogsback 2014

Spring Festival Events

LIVE@THE ROSE: Friday 3rd October, 18:30 at The Rose Theatre

ECCA POETS Norman Morrissey, Cathal Lagan, Brian Walter, Lara Kirsten and Silke Heiss read from their latest book:-
This Questioning Terrain’.

Yet again the ECCA poets have met the Hogsback Spring Festival deadline with new publication. Be sure you are among the privileged who hear their poetry for the first time.

R40 includes snacks. Books available R80 each.
Booking: sms Gwyneth  082 928 5700 / Silke 0741323101

SONG RECITAL Sunday 5th October 11h30 at Back o’ the Moon

Lara Kirsten and Gwyneth Lloyd present
“Songs of Love and Freedom”
Dvorak, Falla, Schubert, Faure, Hahn,Puccini.
This partnership has thrilled Hogsback audiences for years.
Another opportunity to hear favourites and rare songs that have stood the test of time.
at Back o’ the Moon, Fivaz’s, Orchard Lane
R80 p.p. Sherry and Snacks
Booking: Norma  082 414 7743 / Gwyneth 082 928 5770

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