Hogsback Street Map
Hogsback Times news and info service. Hogsback Times is …
Hogsback Times Phone book updated 2020/09/10.  HBPhoneList

Hogsback Street Map

Download a printable map of the streets of Hogsback village in Adobe .pdf format.

Rainfall on the Bluff, Hogsback

year / mm per
1st Quarter 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter Total for year
2007 416.5
2008 499.1 155 95 207 978.5
2009 288.7 126 192 265.4 872.1
2010 478.6 135.8 119.2 481.3 1214.9
2011 423.5
Average 422.4 138.8 135.4 342.5 1021.8

Rainfall data contributed by Trevor Webster. Last updated 2011/04 /02

Hogsback Times

This site is About Hogsback Communication.

Hogsback Times email news and information, [hbt] service started in 2005

History [hbt] was a totally free service to our community until someone complained and nagged so it became a paid subscription service from end 2009.

How [hbt] works is that you Register as a subscriber. The subs are R120 per annum. The subs pay for the internet service. This service is only available to people associated with our village of Hogsback, Eastern Cape, South Africa

You will then receive the [hbt] emails direct.  People send in their emails which are compiled into a twice daily digest. There are usually a morning and and evening  digest email on week days, and one or none over the weekend, depending on input. [hbt] email list is over subscribed but if you are interested please either post a comment or phone me with your email address and I’ll send you the details and try to help you to join the Yahoo group.

There is a seperate Eblockwatch/Hogwatch which is an sms info service for emergency and last-minute messages to subscribers

[ more to come — Tony 045 962 1131 or 073 689 5742 ]

Please post your Comments, requests, contributions, observations, questions, suggestions and advice are particularly welcome – tm

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