FIRE : See below


Mountain Rescue

Phone Numbers for Mountain Rescue are :-
045 – 962 1193 Hobbiton Land Line
084 840 0617 Tonya Cell
072 236 6958 Julian Cell
Please DO NOT contact Josh on 082 921 3065 at he is mostly in
Grahamstown and this just slows the process.
This service is offered for free – as our community service, to all who
walk, run, cycle, climb, etc in the Hogsback Area.
Many thanks


We need contact details of relevant disaster management service, both
local personnel here in Hogsback and municipal/national services.
We need detailed instructions of what to do and who to inform.


FDI (Fire Danger Index)

For the FDI (Fire Danger Index) Actual for Hogsback for today visit :
For detailed up-to-date and prediction of Hogsback regional weather
information visit Hogsback weather from

AFC LOOKOUT Telephones

Quanti – 043 683 1185
Quacu – 043 683 7982
Gubu (Kubusi) – 043 683 7314
Fairview (Isidenge)– 043 683 1529
Please feel free to distribute this information to all affected and
interested parties. If you received this e-mail via a third party and
would like to receive it on a regular basis during the fire season
please send us a request in this regard.

Annual burning

AFC do controlled veld burning between June and September each year.
When possible bulletins will be published on [hbt] and in this blog on the front page.
Please be aware that deciding exactly where to burn each day will depend on predicted and prevailing early morning weather and wind conditions, and that may change during the day.
Please report any other smoke or fire to 045 962 1055
— Hogsback Amathole Forestery Company.

Greater Stutterheim Fire
Protection Association (GSFPA)

FPA Manager – Hennie Homann – Cell: 076 508 6777
FPO – Thinus Botha – Cell: 082 922 8637
P.O. Box 973, Stutterheim, 4930
Tel/Fax: 043 683 2031
Fax to email: 086 729 9350

Historic Hogsback Guidelines

We are well into our fire season now, and the whole village is at
risk of huge destruction if even one person is careless. It may be
useful to remember our historic Hogsback guidelines:

  1. Please, no outside fires between May and September.
  2. Please, do not make fires over the weekend.
  3. (Forestry operate in a different class)
  4. If for some reason you NEED to burn, please inform Forestry
    before you start. (This goes for fires all year round)
  5. Only choose either a misty day or one that is completely
    still. “It only takes a spark …”!
  6. Keep your perimeters clear.
  7. Get rid of as many invader plants like wattles and pines as
    possible. These burn fiercely and spread fires fast. When St Patrick’s
    burnt down last year, Hogsback was saved because there were no wattles
    or pines within reach of the flames. The oaks did not catch.
  9. If you spot a fire anywhere, or if you have a problem on
    your own land, please notify the Forestry office (045 962 1055). The
    Schenks are very gracious and helpful (Nadia 076-458-7341) and will come to your aid if possible. our village fire truck is at the Inn (045 962 1006);

Thanks, and may we have a safe winter, with all our dry leaves tucked
into our compost heaps!
Margaret Fourie

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