Community Meeting Minutes

Community Meeting Minutes

Dear Hogsback Community,

Attached, please see minutes of the meeting held on Sunday at the Inn. (Tony, please can you upload the file to the main HBT web page and provide a link – much appreciated.) 171105 Hogsback Community Meeting Minutes

I will endeavour to make these available in print and then leave copies at the HIC, Bold Point (Siya Madondile) and Esikolweni (Samson).

Best regards,

Bevan Jones

t: +27 45 962 1063
c: +27 82 041 5875
Thrive Centre | 7 Waterfall Drive | Hogsback
Eastern Cape | 5721 | South Africa

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Hogsback Community Proposal

Hogsback Community Proposal reminder

Dear Hogsback Community

As a reminder, the community meeting is scheduled for 2pm on Sunday, Upstairs at the Hogsback Inn. We should have representation from Bold Point and Esikolweni there as well.

It is important to note that the proposal is not set in stone or aiming to be adopted. It should merely serve as a talking point to solicit everyone’s views on how we can take our community forward, together, sustainably, in the face of potential municipal incapacity.

There seemed to have been some problems downloading the agenda and proposal link but it should now be on the HBT website, 171026 Hogsback Community Co-Operative Proposal v1  as well as at <br> where you can click on the PDF link.

P.S. I have been advised that Hogsback veterans like to feed off the energy of newbies on the mountain. I hope, during this Halloween evening, that this shall not be necessary. We shall have tea, coffee, kombucha and cakes to feed on instead. We are hoping to also have some couches there for comfort, as well as a play area for the kiddies.

Warm regards,

Cell: 082 041 5875

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Amatola Hiking Trail Repairs

Amatola Hiking Trail – REPAIRS

I would like to let the Hogsback Community know what is happening with
the Amatola Hiking Trail. Last year I, and the Let’s Hike Hiking Club
from East London had a meeting with DAFF & ECPT&A and started the
“Friends Of Amatola Hiking Trail”. Our objective is to get the trail
back up to standard again. Let’s Hike Hiking Club has done some amazing
repairs to the huts, and they are busy marking the trail too. This has
been done over weekends and hopefully will be on-going until the trail
is in good shape again. The club received a donation from “Trail Runners
Club” from Cape Town and the Hiking Club has also donated money. Maureen
Marais, the chairman & other hikers, have done wonderful work on the
huts. It is very important to save this trail, and hikers also love
spending time in Hogsback after the trail.
The “Friends Of Amatola Hiking Trail” would like to know if any of the
community in Hogsback would like to help with this project. Please
contact me for info.

We noticed some old, awful write-ups on the HBT Website and just want to
add this bit of good news.

Kind regards
Dave Marais
082 391 0647 / 046- 675 1321

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The Spirit of the Tyume

The Spirit of the Tyume

By Glen Paterson (RIP)

When God created Earth and Man
Through His Spirit, rose the San
Who with nature, shared the fountains
‘Neath the Amatola Mountains
At the dawning of the Tyume Valley

From rocky heights, the rivers tumbled
‘Midst thickly forests, where elephants ambled
On the fertile plains
Man and game
Shared the Tyume Valley

Those days when the San
And the antelope ran
The sun shone bright
And filled with light
The cheery Tyume Valley

Came the Khoikhoi and their cattle
For the land – they started the battle
Because they preferred
To graze their herds
In the grassy Tyume Valley

Next the Xhosa arrived
And their cattle thrived
And then the Dutch
It became too much
For the patchy Tyume Valley

The San bore the brunt
Less game to hunt
As the cattle herds grew
Their choices few
But the cows of the Tyume Valley

In times of drought
As grass ran out
No grazing for the cattle
Tensions led to battle
In the dusty Tyume Valley

The San were banished to the hills
As enemies revenged their kills
Hunting them as common game
All were guilty of this shame
Driving them from the Tyume Valley

Next the Khoikhoi were defeated
And their herds sadly depleted
Xhosa and Boer continued to fight
The English sent in redcoat might
To the erupting Tyume Valley

‘Midst terror and anxiety
Came missionaries of piety
To bring the Word
To the warring herd
In the godless Tyume Valley

The Angel of Death for many years
Was the cause of countless tears
As he ranged far, day and night
Sparing no group, black nor white
In the gloomy Tyume Valley

Boers moved on, and colonial might
Subdued the tribes, to no longer fight
After nine wars of bold endeavour
The pride of the Xhosa seemed gone forever
In the desolate Tyume Valley

A century of domination
Followed for the defeated nation
Gradually the people broke
The stranglehold of oppressors yoke
In the hope-filled Tyume Valley

Seeds sowed at those mission stations
Grew to help sustain the nations
The Cross of Life
That ended strife
In the reborn Tyume Valley

In His Spirit, hearts renewed
At last, the Evil One subdued
Foes reach out a healing hand
In Jesus name, they make a stand
Reviving the life of the Tyume Valley

From far and wide, they make their way
To their meeting places each Sunday
To worship Him, the risen Lord
And ponder on God’s Holy Word
In the blessed Tyume Valley

– posted by Bevan Jones

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