Water Aware: The last drop?

Water Aware: The last drop?

Hi all,

With the #Winter #hogsbackcelebrations drawing nearer and our perilous
water situation, we are starting a #wateraware campaign to run alongside
our festival campaign to create visitor awareness. Please share the
facebook message and blogpost widely. It can be found here:

– Download a printable version to stick on the fridge here:

*#Wateraware- The last drop?*

As you may be aware, Hogsback is experiencing a severe water crisis at the
moment with many of the establishments, dependent on our municipal water
supply- which has dried up, having a water shortage. It also does not help
that we did not have a lot of rain over our normal rainy summer season. We
are ardently hoping for snow, and who knows, maybe it will come in time
for our #Winter #HogsbackCelebrations. We are very optimistic and have
decided to encourage some snowfall with our *#letitsnow* theme!

But in the meantime, the reality is that Hogsback is severely
water-deprived. We are very worried about the impact that a large number
of visitors, coming up for the #hogsbackcelebrations Festival, will have
on our meagre water supplies. We, therefore, ask our visitors, to work
with us on *“saving the last drop”*!! We are mostly using rainwater
and hoping that it will last until the end of winter, if it does not snow.
So it is essential that every visitor does his and her part in helping to
save *every last drop*. How can you help us save water?

  • – Bring your own drinking water along. For a weekend you will probably
    need about 5 litres of water per person. Another idea is to stick to drinking wine, gluhwein, gin and beer, which will be on sale everywhere!
  • – When using the loo, strictly stick to the rule of…..
    *If it is yellow let it mellow, if it is brown wash it down!* Most guesthouses have aromatic toilet sprays that will keep ill odours at bay! – Guys, come on!!! Water our garden plants for us!! There will be willie warmers for sale….
  • – Do not let the tap run while you are washing your hands. Rather use the spray bottles to wet and wash your hands. If there are hand sanitisers available, use that or bring your own hand sanitiser along.
  • – When you brush your teeth, use the drinking cup to rinse rather than letting the tap run. Every drop counts!!
  • – Shower together and keep it brief!! A two-minute shower uses on average, 44 litres of water. Do not even think about taking a bath!! (It uses between 150 and 200 litres). So rather consider doing a “top and tails” while you are here over the #HogsbackCelebrations weekend. You can also use the aromatic toilet spray to freshen up those weary armpits! Also, use the buckets provided to catch the first flow of water before it warms up. Use that water to flush the toilet.
  • – Don’t wash your hair! There will be loads of very cool looking beanies, warm hats and cosy head-gear for sale to hide uncool hair. And in any case, in Hogsback, we love wild hair!!
  • – Only wash plates when it is necessary. This is a great excuse for those who hate washing dishes, but also a plea to those who love clean dishes to let it pile up and then do a big wash. Wipe dishes with a paper cloth rather than rinsing them. Even better yet
  • – *use paper plates* or go and eat out at any one of our amazing restaurants or street kitchens. – Only boil enough water for your warm drinks.
  • – Bring your own towels and/or linen!!!! Washing linen and especially towels take lots and lots of water!! So how about bringing your own and taking it back with you when
    you leave to wash where you do not have such severe water restrictions!
    Your host may even give you a discount or a night-for-free voucher for
    your next visit!!

Remember, you do not need water to have loads of fun (which we will
provide all over during the #winter #hogsbackcelebrations), but you do
need water to live. So help us look after our water supplies by being

The #winter #hogsbackcelebrations committee

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Maggie Verster & Associates
Tel:(045) 962 1107 (Hogsback)
Cell: 0835566962
e-mail: maggie@maggie.co.za
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/maggiev
Website: http://www.maggieverster.co.za
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/learnwithmaggie
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/MaggieVersterConsulting/

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