2019 Winter Celebrations meeting report

05-08-19 Report back public meeting

The arrangements for the 2019 Winter Celebrations , 26 – 28 July 2019,  are well underway with lots of events, activities and exciting happenings planned. We want to thank the whole village for the support and encouragement along the way!

The programme:

Laurent has been working hard on getting a provisional programme in place and it is already jam-packed with wonderful items for everyone! This year there will be talks on parrots, birds, monkeys, the History of Hogsback, Crystal workshops, Hogsback Huskies, gumboot and traditional dancing and much more to come from the Bold Point Community (Thanks to Nolathando Madondile for coordinating!) Fireside stories, songs and poems will be on offer at the Rose Theatre and the very popular night meander with Hobbiton will again be on offer! The Police will be here in force this year with both the dog unit and riot squad demonstration with helicopter and all! There will also be various musical events offered at various of our venues, from classical to karaoke.

This year the programme will also include a dedicated Kiddies Festival at Jikani with jumping castles, all kinds of organised children activities (for parents and their children) and children’s food on offer.

The cut-off date for the submission of activities and events, is the 31st of May at 16h00. No exceptions!! So you all have a few weeks still to come up with novel and exciting homegrown activities and events to add to our fantastic programme!!

Please submit events and activities to Laurent ASAP via email laurentjhb@gmail.com or call 083 568 82 71


We will again be running the Scavenger Hunt as it was such fun last year, as well as a Raffle.

This year we will not be asking establishments for donations of accommodation and meals, but a straight forward cash donation of R100 which will be used towards prize money for both fundraisers. The prize will be awarded as a voucher which the prize winner can spend at any establishment in Hogsback. The establishment that provides the service shall be reimbursed for the service provided – however, the service must not exceed the value of the voucher! More details to follow.

We will need everybody to help us with raffle ticket sales, which will be issued to all establishments and everyone else, by June 2019. The raffle will run until the Hogsback Celebration weekend. Prize will be drawn at the close of the weekend events!


We are fortunate to have a dedicated volunteer managing the crafters this year. Thank you Glenn! The local crafters will be at Butterfly’s as per usual and space is fast running out. There will also be crafters at the Hog and Hornbill, the Edge and Gallery Square.

All crafters must contact Glenn at +27 71 873 4500 or email her at woltreehogsback@gmail.com .

There will also be a dedicated crafters area on the website, once it goes live (next week). Follow the snowman from www.hogsback.com .

This year there will be a R100 booking charge for all crafters (local and visiting) to ensure that all crafters are committed to trading at the festival. Local Crafters will be refunded only if they actually trade at the festival! In other words, “no shows” local crafters will not be refunded!

Social media and marketing

Our celebration website will be launched and online by next week Friday and we will also then start to do regular postings to the various platforms. We ask that you like the posts, share it and comment, in order to increase our festival visibility.

Our hashtags are:

#hogsbacksa and #hogsbackcelebrations.

The sites to follow, like and watch are:

Articles and press releases have gone out to all the major magazines. Look out for them!

Branding & Décor

The theme colour – royal blue – of Winter Celebration will not be changed as there are too many T-shirts & Sweatshirts to be sold … Oops! Last year the blue fabric used to decorate the trees was stolen and the lights were not very effective!

A new signboard is being designed to permanently advertise the 2 main annual festivals – Winter Celebration and Spring Celebration. Design will include a 3rd space for advertising any other event during the year. Advertising rates will apply.

All participating establishment must still do their own décor in the theme of the Winter Celebration please.

Posters advertising Winter Celebration will be available from 14 May – next Tuesday – for distribution. We welcome any help to get these posters put up – both in Hogsback and in the immediate vicinity extending to Port Elizabeth, East London, Queenstown, Aliwal North etc. Thank you.

Safety & Security

There will be increased visible policing and mounted police patrolling the village.


Nolathando Madondile – Bold Point coordinator – was thanked for making a special effort to attend this meeting.

— The Winter #hogsbackcelebrations Committee

Hogsback Celebrations 26-28 July 2019

Hogsback Winter Celebration 26 – 28 July 2019

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