Clearing of verges

Clearing verges June 6, 7, 2018

The Hogsback Garden Club would like to do another clean – up on June 6th., and 7th,
before the Winter Celebration .,. We are planning to mainly
cut and neaten the verges, and installing our new baboon proof rubbish
bins so generously donated by some business owners and members of the
Garden Club.. We will supply stone, sand and cement, and hopefully our
concrete mixer will be operating again, otherwise we will have to mix by
We would like to appeal to all Land Owners along the Main Road to please
assist us by cutting their own verges which will make our job easier.

If you would like to contribute, please join us with brush cutters, with
and without blades. If you are not able to do so, the chaps working
along the road would really appreciate some cold drinks and any other
refreshments you can muster.

Hope to see you there, lets celebrate the wonderful work our community
is doing to uplift Hogsback. Congratulations to the Winter Celebration
organizers. It looks as if they are preparing for a wonderful festivity.
We will meet at corner Nutwoods Drive and Main Road at 8:30 on Wednesday
morning. Please let me know who will be sending willing hands.

Warm Regards

The Hogsback Garden Club Team
Monika Hof
082 836 7414


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