Mandela Day

Dear All,

Mandela Day is almost here and as every year our company has planned a project which was identified by some of our staff members.

You may not all be aware that the oldest member of our community lives in Bold Point under appalling conditions. She is 99 years of age, still very much alive, just cannot hear so well any more. Her roof is leaking, her building is almost collapsing, she has a stove, some kitchen cupboards and a bed. No cupboards to put her clothes in, her window panes are broken and the ice cold wind is blowing into her house through the gaps.

Shane of Terra-Kaya has visited the site with our team and has very generously donated an entire days labour from his side, designed the roof and given us a list of items required in order to fix her roof.

We have undertaken to supply the materials he needs.
Schenk will most probably donate whatever they have in stock towards the project.
As our budget is a bit stretched we would be grateful, if the community could assist.
Has anybody got a cupboard they do not need any more which we could help her with?
Could anybody cook a large pot of soup and bring it up?
We will have potjies to warm the soup.
Could I ask Rory to donate some sausage rolls, we will provide the wors, at least 50 of them.
If there is anybody who is sitting in his warm cosy house with a big heart, please assist.

It is bad enough to be old, but to be so old and desperately poor is terrible. It is a reflection on us as a community if we cannot step in to help.

Please contact me privately if you can donate anything of use, time, food for the team and the kids which will be around there most probably all day.

My cell number is +27 82 836 7414, my e-mail
Warm Regards

Monika Hof

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