Missing Abe Botes

Abe Botes Missing , Maybe on Garden route

Abe Botes Missing , Maybe on Garden route

Eblockwatch message:

Hi Andre
I don’t know if you can help
My dad Abe Botes went missing yesterday

He left PMB yesterday and we got notice that he was in PE at 13:30 today

I think he has had a breakdown or just needed to escape
He has been married for 32 years, owns a fairly successful business which I run and has me and my sister as children.

He was a permanent Air Force member in his younger years and he did spend time at the Air Force base in PE
He was involved in border war and was involved in quite a bad accident back then.

I don’t know if maybe all those undealt emotions are coming through now
We believe he is heading to Cape Town
We believe he is Knysna area by now
And the guy who picked him up said he was determined he was going to Cape Town

Abe Botes
Age 61
Last believed know location is Bay West Mall someone gave him a lift
wanting to go to Cape Town

Contact Sheldon 0723746867

Elise Botes
Elise Botes: Andre, the last photo taken of abe before being dropped off near bay west mall port elizabeth


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