Hogsback Village Cleanup

Next clean up in May

Dear Hogsbackians,

Our next clean-up of the village is scheduled for May 17th and 18th.,
Wednesday and Thursday. Chris Everton of Rance Timbers has been even
more generous this time and will definitely loan us two trucks, Craig
Els will personally supervise two teams and will ensure that they will
be here on time.

In a meeting with these two role-players we have devised a plan to
organize this clean up even better. May I ask all the people who have
donated their labour so generously and will do so again to get in touch
with me. We will be organizing work teams in blocks and therefore have
to have a very good idea who will be taking part and what their skills

In the meantime, Chris will organize his trucks to pick up cuttings
along the Main Road and carry on cleaning on the Forestry side whenever
he has got labor available.

Besides making our village beautiful again, attracting tourists and
facilitating safe walk ways for our local population, we also need to be
mindful of the heavy snowfalls which have been predicted for end
June/beginning of July.
As you know this is the time where young wattles bend under the weight
of snow, making traveling on the roads almost impossible, and likely
electricity cuts difficult to repair, as access becomes extremely
difficult. This we all have experienced a couple of years ago, when
some of us were without electricity for seven days.

Please can I appeal again to all tourist product owners and landlords
along the Main Road to help as generously as they did before.

Thanks once again

Monika Hof
082 836 7414
Hogsback Garden Club


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