Missing Maine Coone Kitten

Missing Maine Coone Kitten

Our black Maine Coone Kitten (born FEB last year, still a kitty officially till he is 15mths) has gone missing- he did not turn up for his after ​Sat lunch meal and would normally be frantic for food by 3pm. If you are on the Bluff Hogsback please look out for a fluffy, tufted eared, BIG cat with a long fluffy tail. TU in advance for your help.

Phone 0761 477 345 0r 045 962 1331​

Sunday and still not home

  • Did any guests leave on Sat ‘stead of Today Sunday?
  • ​Did any non locals buy cat food at the shop late Yesterday?
  • Please could Hogsbackians check their water tanks and/or reservoirs as our last missing kitty drowned in one.

​Calling all Sams angels to care for him.​

​PS TU Tonyfor putting the message out so timeously.
With love and hugs

Phone 0761 477 345 0r 045 962 1331​


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