Public Meeting for Hogsback Sanitation Project

Public Meeting for Hogsback Sanitation Project

We have arranged to have a public meeting in Hogsback on Wednesday 16th November for the proposed Hogsback Sanitation Project.  [Click to download the .pdf  j2015_14_ltr_iap-notification_public-meeting ]

I have sent an email out to all our registered Interested and Affected Parties, however many Hogsback residents have not registered and I would like to make them aware of the meeting.

Could you kindly please assist by publishing the above notification in your local Hogback newsletter?  [ Yes. Text of the notice will be in the Hogsback Times for this evening email going to more than 200 addresses, and also drawing attention to this post. -tm]

Kindly please advise what this would require.

Many Thanks and Kind Regards

Nikita Steele

  • Indwe Environmental Consulting CC12 Preston AvenueVincentEast London5247
  • Tel: 043 726 6860 • Cell: 083 766 7514 • Fax: 086 513 9734 •

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