Gift of Words

Gift of Words – a fun writing workshop

There’s still a bit of space
to join this course on rhymes –
be quick and book your place
(there are worse crimes).

To sing in verse and rhythm
can rock the human heart –
there’re mysteries we can’t fathom
unless we rise to art.

There are still a few places open for this fun writing workshop, which will give your practice in mastering everyday language and help you use it to compose spirited, musical rhymes and verses – for personal pleasure as well as occasions such as birthdays, weddings, graduations, memorial services, and other life events. Suitable for all from age 8 and up, for people in all life circumstances.

3 x 2-hour workshops spread over three weeks include

  • An introductory session on rhythm, meter, and rhyme, and initiatory practice by writing a Limerick;
  • A second session in which you will write a longer rhyming poem to commemorate a loved one’s birthday; this will include learning how to handle narrative details, as well as how to present (read/ recite) your gift;
  • A third session, in which you will write yet another poem to celebrate any occasion or theme of your choice, once again including presentation practice and coaching.

Total cost of workshop: R300.

Place: The Pink Room, High Riding, 3 Orchard Lane.

Dates and Time:          1st and 2nd sessions Wednesday 28th September and Wednesday, 6th October 2-4pm.

3rd session EITHER Thursday 6th October OR Wednesday 19th October 2-4pm, depending on general agreement.

Contact Silke 045 962 1034/ 074 132 3101/ whatsapp 071 522 0156

Or email


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