Update on Housing Task Team

Update on Housing Task Team

There are no planned protests for tomorrow, Monday 25th July 2016

However the community are not happy as the Nkonkobi Municipality seem to
be dragging their feet.

There is a letter that the MEC signed during the last set of promises in
which she stops the continuation of development on Bold Point due to a
Land Claim.

This letter was handed to Mr Britz by myself on the 21st June 2016 at
this time Mr Britz stated it would take all of 2 days to sort this
letter out and it was a matter of the Nkonkobi Mayor signing a request
for a reversal of decision and the MEC signing the ROD.

In our meeting on Tuesday 19th July Mr Britz presented this letter to
the Task Team and indicated the importance of this ROD signed. Without
this from the MEC no contractor or department may continue with the
development. Collectively we decided to give the municipality and the
MEC till Monday 25th, Mr Britz then asked if we as a community would
write a letter to support the Nokonkobi Mayors request to the MEC. This
letter was drafted by our legal expert and I signed and emailed on the
same day, the 19th July. Still allowing ample time for Mr Britz to draft
their letter for the Mayor to sign, Further Mr Britz promised he would
use one of his traffic officers to personally deliver the letter to the
MEC’s office.

This past Friday I went down to FB to sort out discrepancies with the
staffs wages at the refuse department. I bumped into Mr Britz who
proudly showed me the letter to the MEC, the Mayor had only just signed
it. He assured me he was going to his office right away to post it to
the MEC.

This evening, Sunday 24th July, I reported back to the community on the
situation of the letter, needless to say they are not happy. However it
has been decided that we as a community would keep to our word and give
them till end of business Monday 25th to sign this letter. Tonight I
will be drafting an email to Mr Britz to send me proof that this ROD has
been sent to the MEC, this proof must be sent by 10am, a delegation of
the community will be waiting at the VIC tomorrow for me to report back.
On Tuesday 26th, should this letter not be signed we will all be off to
Bisho to seek an audience with the MEC. We ask you all to bear with us
and allow your staff to take the day off on Tuesday should it be
necessary, and also ask if anyone wishes to join us for a trip to Bisho
it would be well appreciated by all.

With elections looming and the change of our municipality we need that
letter as a matter of urgency.

Should you have any queries or would like to donate towards the fuel to
go to Bisho please email me at hogsbackcpf@gmail.com

Kind regards,
*Wayne S Kent*
*Chairman HCPF*



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