Nkonkobe IDP Roadshows Schedule

Nkonkobe IDP Roadshows Schedule

Please find attached .pdf file IDP roadshows schedule for IDP inputs, please put
on the Hogsback Times.


UMasipala Wase Nkonkobe
Municipality of Nkonkobe
P.O. Box 36
Eastern Cape – RSA
Tel: (046) 645-7400/7451/ 7452
Fax:  046 645 2562

4 April 2016

Community Based Organisation/NGO’s,
Youth Council,
Sports Council and
Traditional Leaders

The purpose of this memorandum is to invite the Non-Government Organisation to be part of the IDP/ Budget Roadshows

In 2012 Nkonkobe Local Municipality developed a five (5) year strategic plan, also known as the, Integrated Development Plan, which is reviewed annually as embedded in the Local Government: Municipal Systems Act (32 of 2000) as amended. Currently, the municipality is in the process of reviewing its Integrated Development Plan for 2016/2017 financial year as the legislation dictates, [and in so doing], a detailed Process Plan was adopted by Council in August 2015, subsequent to that, a Situational Analysis report has been conducted and approved in the IDP Representative Forum convened in December 11, 2015, [lastly] EXCO, the Speaker, the Chief Whip, Management and Sector Departments partook a Strategic Planning Session for Nkonkobe Local Municipality on February 11- 12 2016 in Fish River Sun to align and redefine the institutional strategies and objectives.

It is therefore against this background, that you are humbly invited you to be part of the IDP/ Budget Roadshows, as the municipality is currently in a process to adopt its Final Integrated Development Plan. A day has been set aside for NGO’s, CBO’s, Youth and Sport Council for a separate roadshow. The Schedule for the Roadshows is as follow;


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