Arboretum Clean Up-Sun 27/12 … 8am

Arboretum Clean Up-Sun 27/12…8am+

Arboretum Clean Up – Keep Hogsback Beautiful. SUNDAY 27/12.8 am onwards

Although there is lots more to do,   well done to the CTO committee and
friends for starting the clean up of the Arboretum!

If you can be there to HELP on SUNDAY 27 December..from 8 am to 10am  and
onwards .. the biggest challenge lies in the old camp site area.   Please
come along to help keep Hogsback beautiful!

Bring gloves and black bags!

Strangely, the reaction of the crowds who were still there at 5pm today,
was very positive!   There was no bad behavior as such, and lots of Merry
Christmas greetings were exchanged, and goodwill shown in helping to put
rubbish in the black bags!

Be there – lets show solidarity with the CTO – our tourists matter!

Lynn J

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