Rate’s Tariff for 2014/15


The long fight of the Hogsback Ratepayers Union appears to have finally
paid off!!!!! It is with great happiness that the official Nkonkobe
rate’s tariff for 2014/15 appears TARIFFS 2014-2015

There is one tariff for Hogsback, whether you are Bluff, Res, Business
or pure Agriculture ie 0.001975. (The HRU still needs to establish
whether Sectional Title falls under that tariff or whether they will be
rated at .0079). It is the tariff the HRU has been fighting for, for the
last 6 years and also that Hogsback be levied a rate different from Fort
Beaufort etc.

There are still some grey areas which require clarity, so please don’t
charge out and pay any rates until further communication is received
from the HRU.

Maybe .. after all this time, we can finally work with the municipality
to address all the ‘challenges’ facing our community and be included in
the IDP (Integrated Development Plan) / Budget. And, maybe it is time
you joined/rejoined the HRU so we can speak with one voice?

Lyn Winn
Hogsback Ratepayers Union


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