Biogas Toilets talk @ Crabbush School


2 German, “Engineers Without Borders” volunteers will be arriving in Hogsback on Sunday 1st June. They will be hosting a workshop and presentation about Biogas Toilets in general on Thursday 5th June, 10am – 12noon. This will be held at Crabbush School and after a lunch (provided by the volunteers + cooked at the school) a more in depth planning workshop for the implementation of the biogas toilets at the school will be discussed.

The volunteers will be here for 3 weeks and are very kindly being hosted by Dennis & Carol Collins, Trevor & Ann Webster, Terra Khaya  & Away with the Fairies (& me).

They will spend most of their time at the school but will visit UFH for some of their research.

Crabbush School is now down to 2 teachers for Grade 1-7. Grade R and the crèche have their own staff. Although there has been missives from Dept. of Education about closing schools with less than 150 learners it seems that since the nearest school to Hogsback is more than 10km away Crabbush is safe (for the moment). There are parents who send their children down to Alice each day to school, and another pre-school is being built on Hunterstoun land (close to the entrance to Daar Agter). I really hope we do not have to see our local school close and hope that by improving things at the school we can get the numbers up!!

Please let me know if you are interested in attending the workshop so we can prepare enough food.

Pauline (Hunterstoun)


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