Proposed Hogsback Music Event – Serendipity

Proposed Music Event – Serendipity – Weekend  Friday 11th to Sunday 13th October

The CTO was alerted to the proposed event by a number of Hogsback Residents, Businesses and Hogsback Community Organizations.

Accordingly the CTO arranged a meeting at the VIC on Tuesday 2nd and all the parties were invited to discuss the requirements and compliances necessary to stage the proposed Music Event.

At very short notice Mr. Britz, the Nkonkobe Local Municipality Administration Manager made himself available to attend the meeting to represent the various departments at the NLM – tourism,  fire, traffic, security and the Municipal Manager’s Office, etc.

Captain Dennis Ferreira attended for the SAP as did Primrose Mafika for the Hogsback CPF.

Further written input was received from the AFC from the Group Legal Officer – Rance Timber, and from Captain J. Fobian the Provincial Coordinator SAPS for  Events, Disaster and Roads, who also forwarded the complete ACT – Safety and Security at Sports and Recreational Events – ACT 2 of 2010 as Promulgated.

It was a difficult meeting, but in the end the outcome was positive and constructive.

The CTO on behalf of all parties  – the Event Organizers, the Municipality, the SAPs and the Hogsback Residents, Businesses and other Hogsback Community Organizations, AFC and Rance Timber would like to thank everyone who engaged in this debate and contributed so positively to the discussions.

Going forward the CTO will be investigating the formation of a suitable structure that would facilitate Events and Public Gatherings  in order to avoid similar difficulties in future.



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