Fire Prohibition Period



Greater Stutterheim Fire Protection Association hereby advises that no burning or open fires (warming fires, undemarcated braai fires, burning of firebreaks or rubbish, etc.) are permitted as from Thursday 1’st August 2013 until the 31’st October 2013, unless a notice in this regard is issued to lift the prohibition.

The areas concerned are Amahlati Municipality (Stutterheim, Cathcart, Kei Road, Keiskammahoek and Bolo surrounds); Great Kei Municipality (Komga and Kei Mouth area) and Nkonkobe Municipality (Hogsback area).

The public are urged to be extremely vigilant and to report any fires to the Fire Protection Association Manager, Hennie Homann, on cell 0765086777 or (043) 6832031 during office hours alternatively another responsible person or emergency and police services.

Any persons contravening this notice may be liable and face prosecution under the National Veld and Forest Fire Act (Act 101 of 1998).

Helping to protect
lives, assets and
the environment

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