Less than a week to Xmas in July Festival

Dear Hogsbackians,

Less then a week until Xmas in July will descend upon us! 19-21 July 2013

As you are aware, I am organising the craft market this year and I am happy to let you know that 50 stalls have been confirmed and it promises to be a lovely craft market with a lot of new and different things. Eco friendly stationery, handmade salami, sandblasted glassware, felted woollen items, homemade haloumi and ricotta cheese, designer clothing, jewellery, preserves, knitwear, wire and metal art, wooden toys, crystals, handmade skincare products with essential oils, scarves, socks, tablecloths, wonderbags and even willie warmers…haha! There will be something for everyone! Please do tell all you guests to come and visit the craft market. Brian has made wonderful signs, but please do encourage them as well.

Included in the 50 stalls are 5 foodstalls, which will assist the crafters (who cant move…) as well as the visitors and the Hogsbackians, who prefer not to stand in long queues waiting for food at the restaurants. Also included in that figure are 5 FREE stalls for Nkonkobe animal care, the PFM, Nkonkobe crafters, Elena with her spinning demonstration and Buffalo City tourism. Should you know of a worthy cause deserving a FREE stall to generate income, please contact me asap.

Please be aware that the only other market will be at Butterflies (for the locals) and therefore any other traders on the side of the road or anywhere else are ‘illegal’ and are not contributing towards the Xmas in July festival. Brian and myself have had various meetings with the police who will be vigilant and make sure ‘illegal traders’ will be dealt with, however I also want to call on the community to please make me aware should you see rogue traders anywhere. My number is 083 – 330 6948.

Finances are incredibly tight (just the tent with transport, labour, fire extinguishers and an engineering certificate is R 30 000!) .

Fundraising is not easy business! Please can I ask all the businesses that have not yet made their contribution to the Xmas in July festival (R 300 per business), to please drop it off at the VIC?

Every business benefits from this event and it is very important that we can move forward and grow the festival even more . We had a lot of new ideas for this year, but due to lack of finance we will have to shelf those for next year. Goodwill from a lot of people is only part of the success of this festival, money unfortunately is still required to make new and more things happen….. Nonetheless, thanks to some wonderful supportive people and businesses , we feel confident that we can make this a Xmas to remember!

Please all pray for snow on Sunday 😉
See you there!
Warm regards,
Monique Weschta
083 – 3306948

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