FDI Fire Danger Index from GSFPA

4 Day Prediction of Hogsback  FDI

Fire Danger Index table with colour

Greater Stutterheim Fire Protection Association send out daily to subscribers an sms with the fire danger index and data. Also daily at about 10am they send an email containing the FDI prediction for the next 4 days in the form of tables with colours indicating the danger index.

As I receive it I reproduce the table for Hogsback on this website on the Disaster Management Page (one of the tabs above) https://hogsbacktimes.wordpress.com/disaster-management/ the table is part way down that page.

  • Table T1, an Actual from http://www.forestry.co.za but that is always a couple of days late.
  • Table T2 is the 4 day Prediction from GSFPA  updated daily.
  • Table T3 is a table showing how the colours and the Fire Danger Index go together.

The FDI is a calculation based on data such as wind speed, air temperature, air humidity, plant biome dryness and nature of terrain.  FDI is a number in the range of 0 to 100 indicating the danger and difficulty of fighting a fire. Colours have been allocated to sub-ranges to give an indication of the severity of danger.

I apologise for the table layout and the gaps. WordPress puts that in and I have very little (none) control over how it fits on the page.

Tony Moody


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