Community Creativity Day and Recycled Monument

Community Creativity Day and Recycled Monument

Greetings Folk, Friends & Hermits
The CTO, Jikani and the Hogsback Residenents  are getting together. We going to build a huge tree monument, made of recycled and salvaged materials, in celebration of community, conscious living, creativity and our natural heritage (trees).
We would like to launch this new Hogsback Statue at the Country Xmas in July Festival this year.
We will be having 4 build days at Butterfly Bistro at the Saturday markets starting @ 10h00.
On the following Saturdays.
1 June’ 13
15 June’ 13
29 June’ 13
We will then gather on the 13 July at Jikani to assemble our new creation. (Jikani is planning on opening a recycling centre at their offices.)
Please Please come get involved and help us build this totem of creativity and recycling.
What a wonderful way to spend the day, and celebrate Butterfly Bistros 2nd birthday, with fellow community members, being creative and breaking barriers of segregation.
Please look at the picture for ideas ect…
Please bring the following tools:
Wire Cutters
Zink Snips
Standing Knives
or any tools that can be used in the process.
Wooden blocks to work on.
Nails and screws
We will also need these or similar recycled materials:
Hard plastic bits
Old soccer/rugby balls
Wire (Thick and Thin)
Black PVC piping lengths
Plastic bottle tops
Old buckets
Margarine tubs & lids
Beer bottle tops
Old paint roller brushes
Pool piping
Any colorful pieces of hard plastic
Broken plastic jugs
Leather bitts, canvas, thick plastic colorful sheeting
Old plastic toys
Colorful detergent bottles
Old shoes, gumboots
…………………… and the list goes on – be creative – clear out your sheds
Their are also photos of the example tree at The VIC, Woodlands, The Edge & at Butterfly Bistro.
If you want me to email you a hires photo, please drom me a mail at
Tree closeup1618 tree closeup1618_2
Come on guys, lets break the norm of Hogsbacks empathy – break out of your comfort zone and get involved.
Blessed be your days.

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