Jikani Opening

First Official day at Jikani

It is the first day of March, and the first official day of Jikani! It is a good time to recap:

* We have a lease on The Ring on the Main Road, Hogsback at R1 500 per month;;
* Our application for registration is in but we have heard nothing yet;
* We have a bank account at FNB in Fort Beaufort, and R20 000 in it,
* We have a partially-complete website, http://www.jikani.com, (Please visit to get more details ) and 2 email addresses – office@jikani.com and info@jikani.com;
* We have a Constitution;
* We have a promise of at least one working and up-to-date laptop from Lynn and possibly more desk-tops from Maggie;
* We have the promise of a sewing machine and an overlocker;
* We have an order for R11 200’s worth of small gifts, to be confirmed when their funding is through;
* We have two enquiries for wooden garden screens/trellises;

What we do not have:
* Any electricity, and the existing arrangements are mostly ‘Heath Robinson’ and we need a licensed electrician to sort them out;
* Any water; and one toilet needs a seat and a working door handle;
* A telephone line or instrument;
* Any floor covering;
* Any cleaning and maintenance equipment;
* Any tools and equipment for projects;
* Any office equipment other than a punch, sharpener;
* Any furniture whatever other than a large drinks fridge, a smallish unfitted safe and some fitted shelves.

We need:
* Roof paint
* Wall paint
* cement
* floor tiles (we will use the inexpensive vinyl tiles)
* new or reconditioned doors at the back
* light fittings and more wall plugs, an uninterrupted power supply and surge-protect;
* tools and equipment – for woodwork initially
* scissors, material and haberdashery
* tables, chairs, a desk, floor mats, a clothing rail, two-drawer (or bigger) filing cabinet, store cupboards, wall cabinets (kitchen cupboards will do)
* office consumables – paper, files, receipts, cash books, order book, delivery book, pens, pencils, rulers, scissors, stapler and staples and so on
* photocopier, laminator, printer, guillotine
* volunteers to help with setting up and manning the office until it is settled and and the cash flow is operating
* clearing work done on the long grass in front of and behind the buildings, and repair of the fencing and Kraal screens

Do pop in and see what is happening. There should be someone there from about 09:00 on Monday.



The Revd Margaret Fourie

Tel +27 (0)45-962-1244

About hogsbacktimes

Owner of [hbt]
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