Waste Recycling Station Proposal

Public Meeting to Discuss Waste Station

VIC at 11am on Thursday 27th September 2012

Technical Report- Hogsback Transfer Station and Recycling Plant

I have been working through the Hogsback Chamber of Business for some 3
years to get Nkonkobe Municipality to build a proper Waste Recycling and
Transfer station at Hogsback. I feel that this facility will go a long
way to addressing the problems that we experience in the village due to
rubbish littering the main road. The last proposal to establish one at
Bold Point was shot down in flames because the enviromental consultants
had not taken into account that there was a land claim in that area. The
R1,5 million allocated to the project was then diverted to Seymour where
a Transfer Station is currently under construction. The consulting
engineers went back to the drawing board and, taking into account all
comments made at the previous public meeting have come up with
alternative proposals. This forms the basis of a technical report that I
can e-mail to individuals interested or can be read at the VIC. If you
want it e-mailed to you please contact me at mark@hogsback.com or Click on the link above to download.

There will be another public meeting at the VIC at 11am on Thursday 27th
September 2012
to discuss this project.

Please be there to show your support for one of the sites in the report.
Hogsback has this opportunity to lead the way and set an example as an
environmentally friendly garbage disposal/reuse/recycling rural village.

Mark Andersen


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