Baboon attack on dog

Hi All

As many of you know I am taking care of John and Lizzy Tidy’s
house and also their two dogs- Flow and Sammy. Last week Monday
Sammy was attacked by a male baboon on the property- I think
this is an old male that might have been kicked out by the troop
as no other baboons were around? The gash was bad and about 15cm
long and also bleeding heavily- we rushed Sammy to Carl and R3000
later he is back at home. Carl did say that the injury was severe
and very close to his spine, so Sammy was lucky, this time.

Sammy – and I know that he is a Terrier and they chase- has been
attacked three times in less than two years. The baboons are
also visiting the property more often. We are now collecting the
fallen fruit and dumping it outside of the property at the edge
of the forest in an effort to try and keep them off the property.
Don’t know yet if this is working….

I just wanted the Hogsback community to be aware of this
incident. I am also attaching a photo of Sammy stitched up- the
other pic (before being stitched up) might not be suitable for
sensitive viewers.


Baboon bitten dog in Hogsback

Baboon bites dog in Hogsback garden

Baboon bites dog in Hogsback garden

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