St Patrick’s Chapel December Services

DECEMBER Chapel Services
(sidesman Carol Nieth, with helpers)
SUNDAY 4 December; 10am Presbyterian Neil Cooper
SUNDAY 11 December; 10am Anglican Rev. Tony Bethke
SUNDAY 18 December; 10am Baptist Prof. Rev. David Williams
SATURDAY 24 December; 6pm Carol Service Elizabeth Macpherson/Ann Webster
SUNDAY 25 December; 8am Anglican Rev. Susan Paton
SUNDAY 25 December; 10am HUCF United Family Service in Arboretum Rev.Tony Bethke

Please note the Christmas Services:

  • Carol Service on Christmas Eve at 6pm at St Patricks, especially for children;
  • Christmas Day Anglican Communion at 8:00 at St Patricks and
  • Christmas Day Family Open Air Arboretum Service at 10.

We have been getting many visitors to the Christmas Day Service and that’s good, but we would like local residents to come as well, as always used to happen.

Thank you.
Trevor Webster
5 Summerton drive
Phone: 045 962 1147 or 072 099 0646
Fax: 086 690 4210


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