Hogsback Spring Festival Opening Ceremony

The Chamber of Business would like to draw attention to
special events taking place in Hogsback during the Spring

Official Opening Ceremony

Our official opening ceremony will take place in the grounds
(weather permitting) of the Hogsback Inn on Sept 30th at 6:00 pm,
featuring the Marimba Band from Fort Hare University,
fire dancers
and a performance by the world renowned
overtone singer Dr. Tran Quang Hai
. He has stopped
over on his way from Argentina where he was in concert
and will perform after his short stay in Hogsback, in Paris.
His visit has been made possible by Prof. Bernard Bleibinger
and Prof. Dave Dargie, now an adjunct Professor at UFH.

Prof. Dargie first documented overtone singing in Africa –
two different types of singing called umngqokolo in Xhosa.
This was among the Tembu Xhosa people near Lady Frere.
Singing overtones enables the singer to produce two notes
simultaneously. Recent experiences have shown the
difficulty of teaching umngqokolo to students and others,
so to try to overcome this problem and to keep this
special feature of traditional music in the Eastern Cape
alive, the University of Fort Hare invited the eminent
Vietnamese musicologist Dr. Tran Quang Hai, which
opened this window of opportunity to see him perform at
the Hogsback Spring Festival.

Dr. Tran Quang Hai is a specialist in Asian overtone
singing, having lectured in many countries. He has
studied the recordings and videos of umngqokolo made by
Prof. Dargie. His visit to FHU is aimed to achieve a
teaching breakthrough in this rare and exciting music
technique, which is in danger of being lost after Mrs.
Nowayilethi Mbizweni, the main protagonist and teacher of
it has passed away.

Dr. Tran Quang Hai will demonstrate his musical skills and
knowledge in an open air concert in Hogsback organised
by the Hogsback Chamber Of Business in collaboration with
the Music Department of the University of Fort Hare.
This is truly a unique opportunity to listen to different
types of overtone music.

An entrance fee of R 10, 00 will be charged at the
gate. The performance starts at 6:00 pm on Friday Sept
30th., 2011. Let us all hope for dry weather.

Monika Hof

To download a poster (4MB) go to http://www.hogsback.com/orangegarden.pdf

For a schedule of gardens to visit go to
and scroll down the page.

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