Luck Granddaughter

SkylerOur beautiful little granddaughter was born on Youth day, 16 June
at 17h05.  She weighed 3,6kg, has long dark hair and her name is
Skyler.  Both Mommy and Skyler is home and doing very well.  We
praise God for this precious little gift.  Thank you to all those
who were praying for, enquiring about and thinking of Rosanne and
the baby.  Also a big thank you to everybody that supported
Rosanne so generously with gifts for Skyler.  She is definitely
going to be the best dressed princess on the mountain!  I’m
attaching a photo of Skyler.

Kind regards

Harold and Moira


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One Response to Luck Granddaughter

  1. Roz Jordan says:

    Congratulations my darlings you must be thrilled to bits! so glad it is over and please give Rosanne a huge kiss from us.

    Lots of love
    Paul and Roz

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